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Mary Magdalene In Conversation with Lilian Broca (Documentary) – 2022

Box of Freedom (Drama) – 2021

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That’s One Small Step – 2017

“That’s One Small Step” film invites the audience to reflect what is the true essence of Pro-choice. In the political global climate, abortion is illegal or severely restricted by law in an estimated 125 countries worldwide, mostly in Africa, Latin America, South Asia and the Middle East. Visit website:

Inward-Edward – 2016

In this quirky musical, an eccentric marriage counselor obsessed with love battles his fear of dying alone. While the mystery of his repressed childhood unravels, Edward realizes he has the gift to see what is really going on in his patient’s minds. Visit website:

Our 1/4 Life Crisis – 2014

In ‘Our 1/4 Life Crisis’ disoriented twenty somethings share their most private despairs about the perils of emerging adulthood. Overwhelmed by too many options and social media comparisons, Gen Yers are often misunderstood as lazy or entitled. What’s at the core of this issue and why are today’s quarter-lifers more anxious and depressed than ever […]

Rose Colored Glasses – 2012

(93 min Documentary, HD) Welcome to the Nicholas Treadwell Cabaret, the once-notorious British gallerist and entertainer with a reputation for bad taste and vulgarity. Currently living alone in a pink prison in rural Austria, Nick invites you to a private tour of his controversial gallery and personal life. Through song, role-play and intimate conversation he […]